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“I always thought of leadership as a lonely and burdensome business. My Guide quickly taught me that is not true. To be a leader is to stand on a rocky, wind-swept beach and feel the sea-blown spray. It is pure exhilaration.  First, I reached the shore, now we have climbed the rocks and I’m facing the sea. What a joyful experience!”  

Mike, CEO
Artificial Intelligence


What should you look for in a Guide? Is it important to pick the right person when you decide to improve your performance and change the rest of your life?

Before you answer, stop. This is an unprecedented opportunity to take stock, revitalize and realize your personal dreams. Don’t do it alone. Find qualities of the highest order of excellence of a New E Guide.

The heart of New E is one-to-one conversations of the highest quality, supported by New E Tools. This is a shared journey of discovery that expands leadership powers and delivers specific steps to improved results.  

Many top-level executives throughout the world have seized this moment by drawing on the distinctive style of Dr. Stephen G. Payne and the New E Model.

…ethical  |  explicit  |  efficient  |  extraordinary  |  enterprising  |  equitable…