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Dr. Stephen G. Payne is the author of several inspiring books and CDs, a selection of which can be browsed below.

The Joy of Work:

How to Stay Calm, Confident & Connected in a Chaotic World.

Full of practical concepts, tools, and testimonials, The Joy of Work can help you start discovering the joy of creating a new equilibrium within yourself immediately.

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First Rule of Leadership

Achieve Far More by Leading Yourself BEFORE You Lead Others

Stephen has created a comprehensive yet straightforward and readily doable approach to expand your leadership performance. The book is full of potent tools and crisp concepts.

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Driving Growth Through Leadership

Stephen brings his passionate coaching style to you as you drive to your job each day. You’ll be inspired by his practical, do-able ideas for delivering more growth.

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Total Leadership: The Essentials

Stephen challenges you to adopt a new leadership pathway, based on the simple truth that it's you that limits or inspires great performance in your team.

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Manage Your World on One Page

Express your plan on a single page

This book introduces the 1-Page Game Plan, the great 1-paging tool that will help you, your team, or even your global organization, get and stay focused on executing the things that deliver success.

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