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"A wonderful positive team dynamic was the immediate result of starting to work with New E. The blame culture was verbalized and stopped immediately."  

Liz, Senior Director,
 Telecommunications Manufacturing


The power to be a better leader lies deep within you already. There is nothing more to add. You have all you need.

The real issue of growth as a leader is revealing more of this power at your inner core despite all the external stimuli saying you are inadequate, insufficient and needing more energy, more knowledge, more results, more people…more, more, more. No wonder so many people in business feel their inner resources are constantly tapped out by the demands for change.

Look around your organization. Do you see unparalleled stress getting worse? Do people look, feel and behave like their inner resources are spent? Are they constantly rushing from crisis to crisis. Are they slaves to busyness?

By choosing to expand the good you already have, these negative qualities start to fall away. You discover a profound new sense of calm and confidence at your inner core. No longer are you a victim to a random series of events outside your control.

The energy, enthusiasm, expectations, equilibrium, enjoyment… all the E's you need for success... are now under your own management. Immediately, people begin to respond more positively to your New E. This encourages you to do even more New E work. This is the truth of your leadership: The growth of career and business, and the growth of you at your inner core, are connected.

Your New E is cause, the rest is the effect manifesting into the real world of your job. Our model shows you how to expand your inner core in practical ways that have rapid impact.