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Entertaining, Engaging, Energizing Speaker

Dr. Payne has inspired people to greater achievement with his practical New E leadership techniques for 20 years.

As a former CEO, he builds rapid connections by relating to the reality of today's workplace. His unique humor touches the deepest parts of leaders, right at the place where new growth begins.

Stephen is an entertaining, engaging and collaborative motivational speaker and leadership coach, whether at conferences, team workshops, seminars or in 1-to-1 settings.

He asserts that the limitations to people's leadership growth are self-generated, often unwittingly. By encouraging each leader to take responsibility for their situation, he opens the inner door to greater possibility.

He then demonstrates how to convert that possibility to practical growth in the workplace.

His sharp English wit, gallery of Rogue Leaders, personal Board of Directors, calibration tools and real-life anecdotes combine to teach audiences of any size how much their own actions and attitudes affect their, and their teams', performance.

Dr. Payne’s New E leadership concepts are crisp and strike completely at what leaders need in order to turn on to growth.

He has created a comprehensive yet straightforward and readily doable approach to leadership embodied in his books and CDs - The First Rule of Leadership, Total Leadership, Driving Growth Through Leadership, The Joy of Work.

To book Stephen to speak at your event, please e-mail or call
1-800-LEADERX or +1-609-921-3399

Speaking Topics

“Dr. Payne was fabulous today. What an interesting presentation. Thanks. And we all got his new book!”

CEO, Pharmaceuticals

“We are refreshed, energized and ready to hit the ground running. Thank you again for a super presentation.”

President, Industrial Automation

“Wow…really tremendous job today at our meeting! Feedback from multiple people was exceedingly positive. I've had several individuals stop me to tell me how much they enjoyed and took from your presentation.”

Senior Vice President, Life Sciences

“You have hit it right on the money. Thank you for puncturing the
busy-ness myth.”

President, Global Publishing

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