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My simple principle: Whenever you focus on keeping yourself healthy at your inner core you create new pathways to lead yourself and others to greater success.

The energy, enthusiasm, expectations, equilibrium, enjoyment… all the E's you need for success... are then under your management. In every situation seek your New E and great results will follow. My learning model is customizable to your unique work and career situation. I work with you to rapidly apply our practical tools. We guarantee to improve your performance as a leader.

And it is proven to work. Just bring your commitment to learn to manage your world with a New E.

It's really as simple as that!

Dr. Stephen G Payne

The New E method is a new way of life, of leadership, of delivering results and of revealing more of who you really are.

From 20 years of guiding leaders I've developed these simple practical tools that deliver customized insights to improve your leadership performance.

It really works!

Harnessing the power of YOUR New E will help you with these leadership challenges

“Committing to expand my New E has made me a better leader. I see it every day in the performance of my team.”

Mark, Senior Vice President
Health Care Products

Finding your New E will improve your leadership performance

Your job and career are complex enough.

I've designed New E to be simple concepts that I help you customize to your needs.

They bring you the missing dimension that improves performance.

We share your
commitment to getting
the most from the
New E Method.

Please click here to share your progress.

Mutual Commitment

Mail: Commitment&body=Dear Stephen

My commitment to sharing my results is an essential part of our New E journey.

I have taken one example where I have applied New E concepts and my answers are attached to each question below.

Q1. What was the situation you were in, where you hoped that applying your New E learning would help things improve?


Q2. Describe the New E concept or tool and how you used it.


Q3. What did you feel as a result of using it?


Q4. What results did you get as a result of using it?


Q5. What business benefit do you anticipate downstream as a result?


Q6. What areas or topics are you still unsure about or struggling with?


This email can only be opened by Guide: Dr. Stephen G.Payne …energy  |  engagement  |  enthusiasm  |  excellence  |  equilibrium  |  enjoyment…

I’m not ok. Things are bad for me.
Too many problems.

I’m often anxious. I need to manage my situation better.

A few struggles but
I feel good about
my situation.

I’m strong. There is solid growth for me and my team.

I am certain we will always have all we need to succeed.